Wimbles Farm Pottery

Ceramics For Sale

If you’re interested in any of the following, or if you would like more photos from different angles and any more information, please email wimbles@experiencesussex.co.uk or call on 01435 810390. (Post and packing for UK is based on Royal Mail under 2kg @ £10 max, 2kg to 10kg @ £20. International rates on individual basis, agreed beforehand.)

2 mugs thrown with Wimbles clay+grog, clear glazed, stoneware fired, H7.5cmxW11.5cm

£40 for both + post & packaging

2 mugs, with a ‘mix and pour’ bowl H9x15cm also thrown using Wimbles clay (showing the iron nodules and textures), clear glaze and earthenware fired, H8.5×12.5cm 

£25 each +p&p, or £40 the pair

4 swallow mugs, decorated with decals that Mum painted as the birds return to nest in the studio each year.

2 turquoise glaze, earthenware fired; H9x12.5cm – £40 +p&p

2 turquoise & pink glaze, H8.2×13.5cm – £45 +p&p

Slip cast plate with goose feathers impressed, cobalt oxide and clear glazed, earthenware fired, H1.5 cm x D25.5 cm

£25 + post & packaging

Mould made from a cannon ball, this Wimbles clay vessel, sprigged with churchdoor ironmongery, matt glazed, stoneware fired, H14.5xD18cm

£150 + p&p

 Plant pots with feet, thrown with textured, Wimbles clay, matt glazed, stoneware fired.

Large H10.5cmxD17 or medium H10.5×14.5cm

£45 each +p&p

Bowl H8.5xW17cm and flower pot H10xW12cm, both thrown using Wimbles iron rich, textured clay, satin white glazed, earthenware fired

£25 each plus P&P

4 Ramekins H5.5x10cm, thrown using Wimbles clay to stoneware with a matt white glaze revealing the iron flashes

£48 plus P&P

Map (abstract) of Wimbles local iron working sites painted or sponged over gesso, onto a large canvas using clay and minerals sourced nearby. I created this as part of my Craft MA completed recently.

£2,000 plus p&p